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Braden's Hope For Childhood Cancer is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for research grants to hospitals and/or research institutions in the amount of $100,000.  Our grants are given in the amount of $100,000 rather than smaller amounts because it makes a sizeable difference for research and grants in that amount are additionally seen by the National Institute of Health as "SEED Money" making it more likely they will contribute to those research efforts as well!

Childhood cancer is the #1 killer by disease among children yet it is very overlooked and underfunded. Large organizations such as the American Cancer Society do a lot of good for a lot of people! We are grateful for their efforts but they contribute a very small percentage to childhood cancer research. Only about a half of a penny from every dollar raised by the ACS goes to childhood cancer research. 

BradenThe problem is that childhood cancers are different than their adult counterparts at a cellular level. Scientists are proving in many cancers that the childhood version is different than the adult version yet we must treat it with adult cancer drugs because they are all we have available to our children! Since 1980, only one drug has been developed for childhood cancer treatments while in that same time over fifty have been developed for adults!

Our foundation is working with the Top 4 Children's Cancer Hospitals/Institutions in the entire country to find treatments for our children!! The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (#1), The Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston (#2), Cincinnati Children's (#3), and The Texas Children's Hospital(#4) as well as Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City all have the same goal as our foundation. We support research that seeks to find the activator for childhood cancers (the switch that is flipped that makes a regular cell become a cancerous one), and targeted treatments that then shut those activators down. That then would treat childhood cancers and hopefully PREVENT them in adults and children alike!!

How Can You Help?

  1. Give Blood--it truly is the gift of life!
  2. Visit our heroes and angels and visit the sites of the children. Leave the children and their families messages of support and love. The encouraging words of others (even those you have never met) make a significant difference to those families.
  3. Consider donating to our organization. The funds raised go toward funding research for treatment options and cures for our children with cancer. As you’ve seen, childhood cancer is extremely underfunded and we seek to change this. We are always in need of volunteers to help with our fundraisers, if you would like to help please email us at deliecehofen@bradenshope.org.
  4. You have already done the most important thing – you have read this information and now you are more aware. Now…spread the word and check back frequently for new information.
  5. Join our Facebook page for notification of updates regarding the foundation‘s work. We welcome you to join us on Twitter @bradenshope!
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