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Aaron Bell

Aaron Bell is from Tennessee and is quite a hero!

Addyson Brankle

Diagnosed March 2007
Addyson was diagnosed when she was 4 on March 16,2007. She had 5 months intense chemo and then a stem cell transplant. She went into remission Sept. 2007. The cancer returned June 2008 and did general radiation to her head and spine and boost radiation to brain stem and bottom of spine. She went into…

Aidan Loney

Diagnosed March 2009
Aidan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on March 16th, 2009. He was limping with some pain and we eventually had a full leg XRay and discovered the mass. It was located just above his right knee. Aidan had his knee replaced and the tumor removed on July 1st, 2009. He completed his 19th (and last) round…

Andrew McDonough

Diagnosed January 2007
Andrew was a 14-year-old who was playing 4 soccer games on Saturday, January 27th, 2007, and went into cardiac arrest just 48 hours later. His parents brought him to the hospital on Monday the 29th thinking that he had appendicitis, only to find out that he had Leukemia. Andrew went into major septic…

Annika Knudson

Diagnosed February 2009
Annika was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma on her dad's birthday in 2009. She underwent many therapies and today, she is 13 years old and much too wise for her years. She is eager to leave cancer behind her and is forging ahead as a creative, loving young adult!

Ashlynn Bowen

Diagnosed October 2010
Ashlynn wasn't feeling well last week of September, already missing a week of school and showing no signs of getting better I took her to her Dr. The appointment was quick and we were given a prescription for amoxicillian and an albuterol inhaler. The following week as I was getting them ready for bed…

Ashton Drennon

Diagnosed April 2010
Ashton was born at 2:03 pm on Friday, April 23rd For 2 hours we thought we had a big (8 lbs. 5 oz.), healthy baby boy. His delivery nurse was giving him is first bath and noticed a mass in his abdomen. His pediatrician immediately consulted her team, did an ultrasound and called Children's and made arrangements…

Audrey Gustafson

Diagnosed May 2010
Audrey was diagnosed with Acute Monocytic Leukemia (AML) in May of 2010. She went through 5 grueling rounds of intense chemotherapy and spent nearly 6 months in the hospital. Audrey has had to "grow up" a lot this past year, and yet somehow has remained the sweetest little girl on the planet!!

Austin Douglas

Diagnosed May 2011
Mother's Day 2011 began like any other but before bedtime our lives were flipped upside down. Around 4 in the afternoon my 2 year old son came to me crying and pointing to his right side. Austin's official diagnosis was a stage 3 wilms tumor. The doctors gave him good odds, an 80% chance of 5 year…
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