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Joshua Tyree

Diagnosed August 2010
Joshua is fighting medullablastoma. He is amazing!

Josie Roemig

Diagnosed May 2008
Josie Roemig (Age 3) was diagnosed with neuroblastoma Stage 4 at the age of 7 months. There was a tumor on her right adrenal gland which caused her belly to be extended. She went through eight rounds of very successful chemotherapy and one surgery to remove the shrunken tumor. Josie has been off treatment…

Kellen Bolling

Diagnosed June 2008
Kellen was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 6-22-2008.

Kwesi Prince

Diagnosed March 2010
My beautiful son, Kwesi, was diagnosed with a brain tumor (pineoblastoma) on Monday, March 22, 2010. He underwent six weeks of radiation followed by six rounds of high dose chemotherapy. In September 2010, for the first time since diagnosis, we heard the sweetest words......NO EVIDENDENCE OF DISEASE!!!…

Layla Hefter

Diagnosed July 2007
Layla was diagnosed with ALL and is in remission now! She is an amazing girl!!

Logan Schultz

Diagnosed April 2008
Logan was diagnosed at the age of 8 as a 2nd grader. He endured 140 weeks of chemotherapy. He also endured multiple spinal taps, bone marrow draws, blood transfusions, and office visits. He endured the loss of his hair and sometimes the loss of his dignity. What he did not lose was his faith, his fight…

Maggie Jernas

Diagnosed February 2009
Maggie was 3 when she was dxed with Neuroblastoma. She went thru 6 rounds rounds of chemo, 2 stemcell transplants and 12 radiation treatments. She had one antibody treatment before her kidneys were so damaged that had we continued the doctor said she might need a kidney transplant. Maggie was found to…

Makyla Oviedo

Makyla was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2001 and today she is a bubbly cheerleader, a thriving RockStar, the best big sister in the world to her sister Xiomara and more outgoing than most kids! And if you ask Makyla what she thinks... "I am one of God's Warriors, he chose me to have cancer because…

Malakai Rowland

Diagnosed October 2009
Malakai's (Kai) story started his freshman year of High School. He found a baseball sized lump near his collar bone. Within 2 weeks he was in treatment. He received chemo and radiation that first time. He was cancer free for 3 years. After graduation from High School he had his first relapse in January…
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