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Mandy Horner

My hero is my daughter Mandy. She was born in 1976, diagnosed with AML in 1978, and received her wings on Easter Sunday of 1980.

Mason Kempf

Diagnosed April 2001
Mason was an amazing boy who bravely fought DIPG for 11.5 months before earning his angel wings.

Noah Bagwell

Diagnosed January 2011
Noah was diagnosed with brainstem glioma in January of 2011. Please keep Noah in your thoughts and prayers.

Noah Sanchez

Diagnosed November 2003

Olivia Haveri

Diagnosed July 2010
Olivia was diagnosed in July 2010 with Stage III Burkitt's Lymphoma at age 7. She did 5 rounds of chemotherapy and has been cancer free since September 1st 2010. Olivia loves singing, dancing, riding horses, and the color blue. She also loves her brother, her sisters, her mom and dad, and her friends.…

Peighton Bailey

Diagnosed September 2008
Peighton was diagnosed in Sept of 08 with 4 brain tumors and 2 spinal tumors. She is currently fighting a relapse and continuing treatment. She is one amazing girl!!

Quinten Dopson

Diagnosed December 2010
At a routine 15 month well child visit, the doctor discovered a mass on Quinten's left lower abdomen. After an ultrasound he was admitted directly to Children's Mercy Hospital where we found out it was Neuroblastoma-Stage IV. He is in the middle of chemotherapy treatments and heading towards a stem cell…

Reed Krone

Diagnosed October 2010
On October 18, Reed's brother Reese's birthday, we got the call that Reed had a Rhabdoid Liver Tumor Stage 4 and that we needed to begin treatment soon. Reed battled through 5 rounds of chemo and was such a champ. Unfortunately the chemo was not successful in treatment of Reeds tumor. He won the hearts…

Regan Ryman

Diagnosed October 2010
The first weekend of October 2010, Regan ,4 years old, complained of her tummy hurting. By the end of the weekend she was screaming in pain and was taken to the Urgent Care center. After two hospital trips and x-rays being completed she was referred to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.…

Ronan Thompson

Diagnosed August 2010
Ronan was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in August of 2010. He has had two surgeries, 7 rounds of chemo and it has not slowed him down one bit. Currently, we are trying to figure out the best path for Ronan to take to beat this awful disease. Ronan is a fighter and has the determination to get…
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