Board Governance

We have four boards that guide our work. We are governed by a seven-member Board of Directors who primarily deal with issues of compliance, finances, and assurances. We have two advisory boards, our Young Professionals Board and our Advisory Board of business and community members who guide us through pragmatic programming for our fundraising and awareness efforts. Our fourth board is our Research Review Board and this board’s primary responsibility is to work with the researchers at Children’s Mercy Hospital and KU Cancer Center to insure that the research we are funding matches our mission, is feasible, and that our accountability criteria to ensure that the dollars we invest are making a difference is being met.


Stacy Albin, Secretary
Andrea Bennett
Dave Flickinger
Rob Gorman
Deliece Hofen, President
Brian Hofen
Steve Linder
Mike Loritz
Rob Rogers
Kim Stanley, Vice President
April Wasleski, Treasurer
Keith White


Nichole Asquith
Robin Broder
Laura Buckman
Phillip Charlton
Jennifer Claar
Brian Dolezal
Laura Dolezal
Angie Ebright
Mikel Flickinger
John Fuller
Heather Foil
Amy Gregory
Brian Gregory
Amanda Grosdidier
Lesley Hewlett
Charlie Hill
Stephanie Ingelhardt
Jessica Lilja
Mark Mahon
Mallory McCandless
Jill Meyer
Laurie Minard
Barry Nelson
Tom Oltjen
Jim Ondick
Laura Read
Allie Sanchez
Jennifer Utting
Lindsay Weiss
Lori Werth
Jordan Wilcosky
Ellen Wood


Hannah Babcock
Erin Barham
Hanna Bohl
Austin Bradley
Kelsey Bradley
Bill Cross
Abby Curry
Brittney Diehm
Katelyn Ehrnman
Mackenzie Fuller
Rosie Hollis
Kory Kirkegaard
Steve Lotz
Will Miller
Mackenzie Randall
Madeline Sheffield
Blake Straatmann
Blayr Studer
Brandi Thomas


Will Give HOPE.



Braden's Hope is a Nonprofit Charity organization founded in 2010 out of the necessity to raise awareness & funding for childhood cancer.

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Deliece Hofen, President

Kim Stanley, Vice President & Director of Development

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